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Young Urdu Poets in India

Urdu poets are found dime a dozen but quality Urdu poets, well, that is something hard to find. In our series on young Urdu poets, the future of Urdu ghazal and Urdu nazm, we try and capture the finest works of poets from India.

Vikas Rana: Urdu Poet

In this post, we will talk about Urdu shayar Vikas Rana. Hailing from Himachal Pradesh in India, Vikas Rana is an emerging Urdu poet. His poetry has a unique flavour of age old stories and copybook romance as well as portrayal of imagery in such simple instances that you would wonder why didn’t it come across to you.

उसकी आँखों को लग गया पानी 
और पलकों पे फूल उग आये
Uski aankhon lo lag gaya pani
Aur palkon pe phool ug aaye

Read, share, comment if you like how Vikas Rana, who goes by the pen name of ‘Fikr’ leaves you drowned with subtle melody of Urdu shayari. Read more featured works of young Urdu poets here

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As it is said, poetry, it’s not just about the bearded men in their royal robes. It is as much about a budding flower as it is about a dated tree. Here at Mukarrar, we keep an eye for gems of poetry all around us. While many popular poets still manage to find a place amid readers, it becomes difficult for works of masters who have long perished from the memory of public to find its relevance. While Mukarrar started with the thought of curating collections of master poets across the world, somewhere down the road, we thought it is equally rewarding to feature young poets as well.

Vikas Rana | Urdu Shayari Love
Vikas Rana

Urdu Shayari Love by Vikas Rana

कोई लेगा नहीं बदला हमारा
हमीं को क़त्ल है करना हमारा
Koi lega nahi badla hamara
Hami ko qatl hai karna hamara
निछावर जान भी है उस पे करनी
अभी तय भी नहीं मरना हमारा
Nichawar jaan bhi us pe hai karni
Abhi tay bhi nahi marna hamara
हमारे होंट के सहरा तुम्हारे
तुम्हारी आँख का दरिया हमारा
Hamare hont ke sahra tumhare
Tumhari aankh ka dariya hamara
अभी इक शेर कहना रह गया है
अभी निकला नहीं काँटा हमारा
Abhi ek sher kehna rah gaya hai
Abhi nikla nahi kaanta hamara

Vikas Rana has been a part of numerous Urdu poetry gatherings, mushairas and adabi mehfils. Going by the name of ‘Fikr’ Vikas is counted amongst the torchbearers of Urdu poetry in India. He has been a part of numerous anthologies and is active on Facebook. He also runs an Urdu poetry group named ‘Hindvi’ and holds regular poetry events in Delhi and neighbouring cities. If you would like to connect with this young Urdu poet, drop in a comment here.

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