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Hurray! Mukarrar is now accepting poetry submissions!

Poetry Submission: Are you a poet? Does the written word and the rhymes fascinate you? Do you devour poems, long and short? Are you an ardent follower of world poetry? If you answered in affirmative to all the above, then you are at the right place. Mukarrar is looking for original poetry submissions from poets of any age, from any part of the world, writing in any language.

How to submit your poems?

Submitting your poems on Mukarrar is easy. Just follow the steps given below and start submitting your poems for publishing on Mukarrar.

Poetry Submission on Mukarrar

  1. Choose your best poem

    Please ensure that you submit original poems written by you

  2. Copy your work in text file (Notepad on Windows and Text Edit on Mac)

    This ensures that your work is pasted sans any formatting

  3. Head to the poetry submission page here

    Click on the link above to submit your poetry

  4. Enter the title of your poem

    We cannot publish an untitled work, choose one that is bound to engage the readers

  5. Enter your poem

    Now paste your poem in the space provided

  6. Enter few details

    We love poets and it would be great to have your contact details!

  7. Submit

    That’s it, submit the poem.

Benefits of poetry submission on Mukarrar

Well, what is the benefit of writing a poem? We write poems because we want the world to read them or appeal to a certain section of society. Whatever your reason, you’ll find that Mukarrar nurtures and takes pride in sharing your poetry with the world. Here’re a few benefits of sharing your poems with us:

  • Mukarrar is a platform that curates the finest works in world poetry hence you get access to a worldwide audience
  • We make your stunning poems a little more beautiful by adding shareable images to your poems
  • Dedicated page for you and your poetry on Mukarrar
  • Free promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Love of thousands of readers across the world
  • Money? Well, not right now but we promise you bucks as soon as we turn to a for-profit enterprise. Currently, Mukarrar is a not-for-profit enterprise and is solely focused on taking poetry to the world

Rules for poetry submission in language other than English

Well, we don’t want you to follow a rulebook but if you consider these points, it would make it easy for us to share your poems.

  • If your poem is any language other than English, please share a translated version in English as well. We do not want you to hire a translator but a meaningful translation would help readers across the world to better understand your poems.
  • If your poems is any other language than English, share the original version as well. We post both the original and the translated versions on our website.

Rules for poetry submission: Audio Poems or Spoken Poetry

We love to hear your poetry in your voice. If you wish to submit your audio poem, we already love you. Upload your audio poem in MP3 format on the poetry submission page. Ensure that your voice is loud and clear and without any background music. 
P.S. Avoid singing your poems in the bathroom (too much echo, you know :p.

Poetry Submission: Some Terms

  • Poems sent on Email will not be considered for submission!
  • Poems will be published under your name. If you wish, share your social profiles as well so that we can tag you when we publish your poems.
  • Poems without names will not be accepted.
  • You bear the complete responsibility for validating that the work is original. It is bad to steal someone else’s works. 
  • Do not share poems of your friends, WhatsApp poems or Quotes. We know what a good poem is and our editorial team will scrutinise every submission for originality, validity, and quality. Trust us, they are good people and hate rejecting any poems. 🙂

For any queries, write to us at [email protected]

That’s it folks! Get going now.

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