11 Amazing Places to Find Powerful Blog Post Ideas

How to find blog post ideas
How to find blog post ideas

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Wouldn’t it be great if we all had access to an unlimited supply of blog post ideas? Often, bloggers run out of content ideas for their blog. And the ideas that are available are too saturated or really difficult to rank. (Sounds like you? Read ahead.)

What if I told you that there are tons of new blog post content ideas that people want to read? Keep reading to find out how you can dig into this content treasure.

Here’s what I am going to cover in this blog post.

11 places to look for blog post ideas

  1. Finding blog post ideas using search engines
    • Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo (and Google too)
    • Pinterest
  2. Finding blog post ideas using social media
    • Instagram
    • Quora
  3. Finding blog post ideas online
    • Buzzsumo
    • Ubersuggest
    • Detailed
    • Answer the public
  4. Finding trending blog post ideas
    • News
    • Twitter trends
  5. Finding blog post ideas on eCommerce sites
    • Amazon

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Finding blog post ideas using search engines

1. Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo (and Google)

It cannot be simpler than this. Where do you want to rank? Search engines, right? So where will you look for answers? Search engines! Of course, search engines are not only meant to answer your queries. If you look closely, they are replete with amazing blog post ideas too.

I am not going to tell you to look into Google first. Why? Because Google is the king of search and the entire world is looking at Google for inspiration. Why not start small and explore other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo?

Bonus Tip: Baidu, the Chinese search engine indexes blogs in the English language. Don’t forget to use it for bonus website traffic. Thank me later. 🙂

I will be honest with you. Not all my traffic comes from these search engines but a small amount does. It means there is unchartered territory. It means these search engines can give you content ideas to fill up your editorial calendar.

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Here’s how a simple search on Bing looks like:

Bing Related Searches
Bing Search

Here’s how a search on Yahoo leads to content ideas:

Yahoo Related Search
Yahoo Search

You can also find great blog post ideas on DuckDuckGo, see below:

DuckDuckGo Instant Answers to find blog topic ideas
DuckDuckGo Instant Answers

Finally, here are two ways to find blogging ideas on Google:

Google Instant

Google Instant
Google Instant

Google Related Searches

And here’s how you can build a massive list of new blog post ideas using the related searches in Google.

Google Related Search
Google Related Search

Bonus Tip: As a beginner writer and blogger, don’t get absorbed in the labyrinth of keyword tools and software. Trust me, I have been there and done all that.

My biggest advice and recommendation to new bloggers is to first create a pool of blog posts using simple search terms that you can easily find through these search engines. Once you’ve mastered blogging, you can always go back and enrich these posts with keywords.

REMINDER: Download this blog writing checklist to ensure that you place the keyword in all the right places from the first blog post.

How to find great blog post ideas

2. Pinterest

First, if you think Pinterest is social media, you’re wrong. Pinterest is a search engine just like Google, Bing and the rest. It is a visual search engine.


And just like others, Pinterest works on keywords. Keywords that are potential blog posts and awesome ideas for your editorial calendar. If you just use Pinterest to fish great blog post ideas on a specific topic, you’ll end up with at least hundreds of them. Yes, it is that big and that easy.

Here’s how a simple search on Pinterest looks like and the keywords it returns, which are all awesome blog post ideas:

Blog post ideas using Pinterest search function
Pinterest Search

Finding blog post ideas using social media

3. Instagram

First of all, if you are still not using Instagram, do it now. Link your blog to your Instagram page and post snippets of all your new blog posts in stories and posts.

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It is a great way to build target audience for your content and reach out to potential customers as well. Instagram is all about sharing value, tips and tricks and writing hacks. There cannot be a better place to share your blog posts than Instagram.

How to find blog post ideas on Instagram?

How to find blog post ideas on Instagram? Simple. Just like any other social media platform, Instagram too works on keywords. They call it hashtags. For e.g., if you do a simple search on Instagram using #mukarrarblog, you will find a lot of my posts.

Similarly, to find a blog idea just do a hashtag search on Instagram. For e.g., if you are a lifestyle blogger, search for #lifestyleblogger. Instagram will return results in two categories. One is the top and the other is recent. Look at all the top posts and read through the comments.

Blogging topic ideas using Instagram's hashtag search and comments on top posts
Instagram Hashtag Search

What is it that people are asking for? What are the users talking about? What kind of posts are appearing in the top results? All these are blog topic ideas for you.

For every search you make, Instagram also returns related hashtags. Keep exploring all the related hashtags and follow the same process of going through comments in the top posts. Trust me, if you do this for 20 hashtags and study 100 top posts, you’ll end up with at least 10-15 blog posts ideas.

Do a double-check on any of the search engines and refine the results. There you have it. A great list of blog content ideas that will quickly fill up the editorial calendar for your own blog. Isn’t it easy?

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4. Quora

Quora is the biggest Q&A platform in the world. As a blogger, all the blog posts you want to write are basically answers to questions that people are looking for using search engines.

What does this mean? It means Quora is your go-to place for finding awesome blog post ideas. Why? Because Quora is filled with questions. It is a goldmine of blog topics. A never-ending supply of blog post ideas. (This is what I promised in my blog post 😉

The best part about Quora is that you can find long-tail keywords in question format. This means you can write hundreds of blogs posts in How-to and Listicle format.

Bonus Tip: How-to and Listicle type of blog posts are the most famous and shared posts on the internet. This makes Quora the invincible place to look for keyword phrases and blogging ideas.

Here’s how to look for great blog post ideas on Quora:

How-to type blog post ideas using Quora's related questions

Finding blog post ideas online

5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a freemium service that tells you what’s hot and trending on social media. It also tells you what’s not working (smart, eh). While Buzzsumo does cover a lot of things including keyword research, trends, content discovery, content ideas etc, we are interested in Trends.

As a blogger, trends will tell you what kind of content is working and how many people are sharing it. This is really insightful. Once you know the trends for a blogging topic, you can read the top ranking and most shared blog posts and see what topics do they cover, what is their style of writing and more.

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Moreover, you will know what blog post ideas are worthy of your time and effort on your own blog. The more a blog post is shared, the better the social proof that this type of content works. Model your editorial calendar around these ideas and see how it works.

Here’s how trends look like on Buzzsumo for the keyword ‘blogging’:

How to find ideas for trending blog posts using Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo Search

6. Ubersuggest

Head over here to know what is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel and how to use it to find blog worth blog post ideas. While you are there, do not forget to check out the rest of the tools too.

Read how to use Ubersuggest to find blog post ideas here

7. Detailed

You might not have heard of Detailed if you are new to content marketing. Nevertheless, now you know about it and I am going to tell you how to use this amazing platform to find great blog post ideas.

Detailed is a link finding engine that tells you which pages are bringing website traffic to blogs. Why is it important to you? Because as a blogger, you want to write blog posts about topics that bring traffic.

How to find blog post ideas using Detailed
Detailed Backlink Search

Detailed makes it simple by allowing you to search for blogs based on niche. Once you select the niche, you will see a list of top 50 blogs in that niche and which blog posts are driving traffic to their website.

The best thing about Detailed is that the links are real-time. This means you will always find the latest information for posts that are generating traffic. Go ahead, start looking for your next best blog post idea.

Here’s how Detailed looks like:

Finding popular blog pages using Detailed
Detailed Backlink Search

8. Answer the public

Find out how to use Answer the Public to discover the most trending blogging topics. This tool gives you keywords that people are searching for across the internet in an interesting questions format.

Read how to use Answer the public here

This means you can create tons of how-to and listicle type posts. Trust me, you will never run short of blogging ideas once you start using Answer the Public. I also love it because it is different from all the other platforms and its visual search is fun to play around and discover new ideas.

Finding trending blog post ideas

9. News

News is all around us. Everything that we read is a source of news in one way or the other. Blogging is all about identifying the right news stories and creating content around them.

The best part about finding blog posts ideas using news is that they are current. Remember, if it is covered in multiple news sources, it has value and thus it is a potential blog topic.

I always prefer to use Google news to look for interesting blog post ideas. It also tells me if there is something new that is happening in my blogging niche. To find out blog post ideas using news, simply head over to Google News and make a search using your keyword.

In the below image, I made a search for the keyword ‘writing tips for beginners’ and you can see a ton of relevant content to draw inspiration.

Here’s how a sample search on Google News looks like:

Finding blog post idea using Google News

10. Twitter

Another way to look for emerging blog post ideas is using Twitter. Twitter is all about the pesent. If you want to know what is the hottest topic on the internet, Twitter is the place to be. That is why they call it trending topics on Twitter.

Use the trending topics on Twitter to find out the latest happenings and integrate them into your blog posts. Bonus, use the hashtag search on Twitter to find out what is trending in your blogging niche.

Here’s how Twitter trending topics look like:

Blogging topic ideas using Twitter Trending Topics
Twitter Trending Topics

Finding blog post ideas on eCommerce sites

11. Amazon

Are you wondering what an ecommerce webiste is doing here? Remember, the key to finding new blog post ideas is to look in places where it is less crowded.

I usually recommend Amazon to find blogging niche but it is a great source for fishing blogging ideas as well.

Head over here to find out how to use Amazon for great blog post ideas.


That’s all folks! I use all the above and more tools to find out ideas for my blog. Drop me an email to find out what those tool are. Here’s a quick glance at all the tools you can use to find traffic driving blog post ideas for your own blog.

  1. Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo (and Google)
  2. Pinterest
  3. Instagram
  4. Quora
  5. Buzzsumo
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. Detailed
  8. Answer the Public
  9. News
  10. Twitter
  11. Amazon

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Do you use these sources to find great blog post ideas? If yes, let me know how you use them and do you find them helpful. If no, what sources do you use to find blogging ideas?

Drop a comment and share your ideas, I would love to hear from you. Who knows, we might discover the next great blog idea in the comments below.

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