10 Best Urdu Poetry Couplets That Will Blow Your Mind

The mere mention of ‘Urdu’ is itself enough to turn you a romantic. Romance drips from the soul of Urdu. Poets have rightly said that Urdu is the language of love. From Mir Taqi Mir to Mirza Ghalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz to Bashir Badr, Urdu poets have produced gems of poetry around the subject of love. In tis post, we decided to dive deep into the world of Urdu love poetry and bring to you a carefully curated collection Best Urdu Poetry about Love.

So folks, fasten your seat belt as we take you to this mysteriously romantic journey of words. We bet you can never call any Urdu poetry collection the best collection on love ever but this is our humble attempt to pick gems from a sea of diamonds. We hope you love these couplets and share it with those you love. If you like this post, please let us know in the comments section and we will bring to you another collection on Love. Trust us, we have scores of curated poems just waiting to be shared.

Best Urdu Poetry On Love

Bashir Badr | Urdu Couplets on Love

Ghazal ki aag mein palkon ke saaye
Mohabbat ki hifazat kar rahe hain

Best Urdu Poetry on Love
Best Urdu Couplets on Love

Ahmad Faraz | Best Urdu Poetry On Love

Tu khuda hai na mera ishq farishton jaisa
Dono insaan hain to kyun itne hijaabon mein milen

Best Urdu Poetry on Love
Best Urdu Shayari on Love

Firaq Gorakhpuri | Urdu Couplets on Love

Sir mein sauda bhi nahin dil mein tamanna bhi nahin
Lekin is tarke mohabbat ka bharosa bhi nahin

Jigar Moradabadi | Love Poems

Mohabbat mein kya kya makaam aa rahe hain
Ke manzil pe hain aur chale ja rahe hain

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Daagh Dehlvi | Urdu Couplets on Love

Khuda rakhe mohabbat ne kiye aabaad ghar dono
Main unke dil mein rehta hun wo mere dil mein rehte hain

Tasneem Lakhnawi | Urdu Shayari on Love

Dimaag de jo khuda gulshane mohabbat mein
Har ek gul se tire pairahan ki boo aaye

Best Urdu Poetry on Love
Best Urdu Shayari on Love

Sudarshan Fakir | Shayari on Love

Har shaam ye sawal ki mohabbat se kya mila
Har shaam ye jawab ki har shaam ro pade

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