45 Best Content Writing Tools To Make You a Better Writer

Supercharge your freelance writing career with these 45 best content writing tools that will make you a better writer.
Best content writing tools
Best content writing tools

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42. Any.do

If you are a writer with OCD for neat designs like me, you would probably not use every app out there. For me, aesthetics are important. And that is why I am including Any.do in the best content writing tools for writers. A simple, intuitive app that has a calendar, a to-do list and the reminders all rolled into one.

It allows you to collaborate with your team and assign tasks with due dates. Keep adding your daily tasks and set Any.do to remind you at a time or a location, which is smart. Above all, the UI of the app is gorgeous and makes you want to use the app again and again. No wonder, the app has earned numerous awards.

Platform: Online/Mobile
Uses: Calendar and To-do lists
Add-ons: Web browsers, smartwatches, smart speakers
Features: Teams, reminders, categories, labels
Pricing: Free/Premium

Here’s how it looks like.

Best Content Writing Tools | Any.do App

43. Google Calendar

Ok, here is one more from Google. Of course, Google makes great products that are unique, user-friendly and efficient. If you are someone who wants to use one service to integrate all your needs, then Google Calendar should be your first choice.

It smartly allows you to add tasks, set reminders, and create events. You can also set up conferencing using one of Google’s tools and add guests to your event or call or tasks. All you need is a Google account and you are done. The app seamlessly syncs across all devices on all apps and offers a lot of add-ons including browsers, third-party apps and so much more.

For writers, this comes in handy. Use this to schedule your posts or create your editorial calendar. If you work with co-bloggers, it is even more useful to keep track of the posts delivery and plugging in various stages of writing, editing, proofing etc.

Platform: Online/Mobile
Uses: Calendar, Reminders, Tasks, Collaboration
Add-ons: Web browsers, Smart devices, Third-party apps
Features: Add tasks, assign tasks, set reminders, host virtual meetings
Pricing: Free

Here’s how it looks like.

Google Calendar | Writing Planner | Digital Media Planner
Google Calendar

SEO Writing Tools

44. Ubersuggest

Hands down, this is my favourite tool. I use Ubersuggest almost all the time. As a writer or a blogger, you know how important it is to keep a check on the SEO. Of all the great things you can do with Ubersuggest, one of them is keyword research.

I am writing this blog after doing extensive analysis on Ubersuggest and I recommend it highly. Even if you don’t wish to use the premium version, the free version also offers a lot. This uber-cool tool by famous SEO expert Neil Patel is all you will need in your blogging and writing journey.

Even if you do not write for the web, the tool is great to gain some insights about your topic. What can you do with Ubersuggest? I will write another blog post to cover it all but for your quick understanding, you can amplify your traffic using the tool. Go ahead, try it.

Platform: Online
Uses: SEO analysis, Keyword research, Domain Analysis, SEO Tips and Tricks
Add-ons: N/A
Features: Domain Analysis, Keyword Tools, Site Audit, Content Ideas, Page Analysis
Pricing: Free/Premium

Here’s how it looks like.

Neil Patel | Ubersuggest | Content Keyword Search Tool

45. SEMrush

Another gem. If you are someone who wants to succeed as a blogger, you will never be satisfied with just one tool. SEMrush is especially useful for content creators. It allows you to thoroughly study your competitors, analyse keywords, find relevant keywords for your topics and even do a complete site analysis in terms of SEO.

There is so much more than you can do with SEMrush but since we are only focusing on writing in this post, I will stick to features that are useful for writers. I recommend this as your go-to tool and one of the finest in the tools for content writers list.

Platform: Online
Uses: Site audit, Content analysis, SEO, Keyword research, Keyword analysis
Add-ons: N/A
Features: Traffic analysis, Competitive research, Keyword research, On-page SEO, Link building etc
Pricing: Free/Premium

Here’s how it looks like.

SEMrush Tool | Content Keyword Research

That’s all folks! I have covered 45 best content writing tools for freelancers in the first of the 3 post series. I hope you find these tools useful in your content writing, digital marketing, content marketing, and content creation journey. Don’t forget to subscribe to Mukarrar to ensure that all the next posts land directly in your inbox whenever I post.

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