45 Best Content Writing Tools To Make You a Better Writer

Supercharge your freelance writing career with these 45 best content writing tools that will make you a better writer.
Best content writing tools
Best content writing tools

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What is the best content writing advice you have ever received? Amongst all others, ‘writing consistently‘ and ‘writing quality content‘ must be frequent. If you are a full-time blogger or a professional content writer, you will know this is not easy. And that is why I put together the best content writing tools list, the most exhaustive collection you will ever find. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, now.

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The amount of effort that goes into researching the topic, writing drafts, fixing SEO compatibility, designing images is humungous. But, nothing changes the fact that the above pieces of advice are true. The 45 best content writing tools that you will find below will help you write consistently and produce quality content all the time.

The internet is filled with thousands of lists for content writing tools. All of them suggest multiple tools that you can use to improve your writing. However, I haven’t seen a single professional writer in my career who uses all of them together. Of course, writers use a lot of tools to supplement their writing, improve their efficiency and to write better. But every content writer has a different objective. A tool that works for me might not be useful to you at all.

To solve this dilemma of which tool is good for you, I have categorized the 45 tools for content writing into nine different categories. This will help you to easily navigate to the ones you are interested in and use them quickly. However, since writing is a comprehensive domain, I recommend you to bookmark this article for quick future reference.

A competent writer with smart writing tools will always have an edge over a brilliant writer with no tools at all.

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What are the 45 best content writing tools?

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Ok, now that you know why having a bunch of tools sitting in your bookmarks bar is a good idea, it is time to give you what you came here for – the 45 best content writing tools that you will find on the internet. This list is not exhaustive, yes, even after 45 writing tools, I am skipping on a lot of them. Perhaps, I will create a sequel post to this article and offer another 45 writing tools that will help you generate great quality content. For ease of use, I have divided the tools into nine writing categories as below:

  1. Content Writing Tools
  2. Content Writing Efficiency Tools
  3. Content Writing Keyword Research Tools
  4. Content Writing Niche Tools
  5. Content Writing Enhancement Tools
  6. Design Tools for Writers
  7. Writing Research and Journaling Tools
  8. Writing Schedule Tools
  9. SEO Writing Tools
Best Content Writing Tools for Freelance Content Writers | Content Writing for Beginners
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Content Writing Tools

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is a well-known online text editor by Google. For layman’s understanding, it is an online replacement for MS Word. If you are not a big fan of Microsoft Word, you can use Google Docs to start writing. And since it is an online platform, you can always continue writing from multiple devices. The version control feature is useful as well. Here are some details:

Platform: Online/Mobile App
Uses: Online text editor
Features: New document creation, editing, saving to Google Drive
Add-ons: Perfectly compatible with tools like Grammarly and SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant
Templates: In-built templates to get you started instantly for e.g. Resume, Brochure, Writing Agreement, Newsletter etc
Pricing: Free

Here’s how it looks like. I use it a lot. It saves me the hassle of saving files on my system and offers awesome integration with Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Tasks. All of these would be really helpful for you in your writing assignments. Also one of the reasons I included it in the list of best content writing tools for writers.

Best Content Writing Tools | Online text editor | Google Docs
Google Docs

2. Pages for Mac

Another Microsoft Word replacement for those looking for style over simplicity. The Pages app is easy to use and offers all the benefits of MS Word coupled with the UI benefits of using any Apple product. The interface itself is intuitive and offers gorgeous pre-built templates. Really, if you want your documents (only offline) to look amazing, this is a good app to use.

Platform: Mac/iOS App
Uses: Online/offline text editor
Features: New document creation, editing, saving to iCloud
Add-ons: Compatible only with Apple supported extensions
Templates: Gorgeous in-built templates
Pricing: Free for Apple users

Here’s how it looks like:

Content writing tools | Pages for Mac
Pages for Mac

3. Microsoft Word

I am going to write the shortest description of this app. Probably because MS Word is the most widely used text editor ever made. Extremely simple to use, loaded with features, and with the OneDrive compatibility, it is an app that needs no introduction or selling. If you are already using MS Word, skip right to the next content writing tool. I know it is difficult to convince loyal Microsoft fans (includes me) to switch to any other app and there is no reason to do it.

Bonus Tip: Explore the fullscreen mode of MS Word if you are looking to focus. It is amazing.

Platform: Desktop/Mobile/Online App
Uses: Online/offline text editor
Features: New document creation, editing, saving to OneDrive
Add-ons: Easily compatible with hundreds of add-ons from Microsoft as well as third-party publishers
Templates: Functional in-built templates with hundreds of options
Pricing: Free Trial / Paid

Here’s how it looks like:

MS Word
Microsoft Word

4. Google Translate and Google Transliterate

Don’t be surprised! Yes, you read it right. Google Translate. Although it is not a text editor it is really a helpful tool if you wish to translate something into a different language. Most of the times, the results are pretty accurate and you can test this yourself by writing content in any two languages you know. The best part: you can upload an entire document and translate it in one click. Still, I wouldn’t recommend using it professionally until you have your content vetted by a language expert.

Google Transliterate, on the other hand, is meant for literal translation. For e.g., if you wish to write the same text in French, without actually translating it but only using the French alphabets, this is going to help you. This is especially helpful for bloggers and writers who deal in multiple language write-ups.

Platform: Mobile/Online App
Uses: Document language translation/transliteration
Features: Almost all languages are covered
Add-ons: Multiple versions are available for various platforms including apps and browser extensions
Pricing: Free

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Here’s how it looks like:

Google Translate
Google Translate Web Version

5. Write Wall

If you do not wish to use a sophisticated app with too many features, Write Wall is for you. It is not a standalone app but a browser extension that serves as an online text editor. Easy integration through the Chrome Webstore makes it a go-to app for many content writers. It syncs with Chrome so every time you log in to Google Chrome from any device, you will always find your work still there. My recommendation is to use it only as a note-taking app. If you put large volumes of content, you might end up losing it all someday.

Platform: Browser
Uses: Basic text editing
Features: Syncs with Chrome
Add-ons: N/A
Pricing: Free

Here’s how it looks like:

Mukarrar | Write Wall
Write Wall

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